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The Danube Delta


The newest and lowest Romania's territory with a relief permanently under change. It is the second large Delta in Europe. The minimum altitude is –36 m on Chilia Arm, and maximum +13 m on the dunes from Letea dry bank.
The Danube Delta has a surface of 2,590 km2, including both dry land (around 15%) and swampy land with lakes and streams.

The main arms of the Danube – Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe – are the results of the water separation at Ceatalul Izmail (Chilia in Chilia Arm, Tulcea Arm, this last one being divided at Ceatalul Sf. Gheorghe in Sulina Arm and Sf. Gheorghe Arm).

An own Delta is developed after Chilia Veche Village, having many divergent arms (Mississippi type).

Through three canals – Lipoveni, Dunavat and Dranov, it is connected to the lacustrian area Razelm – Sinoe .

For all these, the Danube Delta and Razelm area were declared Biosphere Reserve.