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The Black Sea Coast


Those 240 km of Romanian Black Sea Coast are divided in two sectors in accordance with the relief: a northern one – Chilia Arm – Midia Cape with low relief (sandy belts, sand banks, beaches), and a southern one – Midia Cape – Vama Veche with high sea walls (40-60 m) interrupted by the lagoons and firths.

The Romanian Coast is extended in the south to the border with Bulgaria, and in Dobrogea from Perisor sand bank to the south. A low sector is to be seen between Perisor sand bank and Midia Cape. Razim lacustrine area developed on an old marine gulf separated by a coastal belt with open areas to the sea can be found here. Tasaul and Siutghiol lakes are smaller and completely isolated. A high bank with sea walls digged into the loess and limestone deposits, fragmented by valleys turned into maritime firths (Techirghiol, Mangalia) is to be found in the south of Midia Cape.
From the climate point of view, the coast has a high degree of dryness due to the poor rainfalls – 350 mm, influenced by the sea. In exchange, the humidity is around 80% a year, due to the breeze and the vaporization sources, meaning the lake.The air temperature reaches here yearly average values of 11ºC with 22ºC in June and 0.2ºC in January. The spring begin early, while the autumns are long and hot. In the summer time, the cloudiness is extremely poor, while the sun shines for 10 – 12 hours/ day. The rains are rare and short. The large beaches have a fine sand, and the coast has a very gentle slope allowing an easy access to the water. The water sea salinity is around 17 to 18 mg..

On those 245 km of Romanian coast, 10 sea resorts and beaches oriented to the east are to be found.

There are more and more comfortable hotels, aqua parks, all-inclusive clubs, restaurants with different cuisines, many sorts of boats (from yachts to catamarans and ski-jets), sport grounds and swimming pools, shows and music, exotic food and beverages for any moment day or night.

The treatments performed in the spa resorts from Eforie Nord and Mangalia made miracles in time among the paralyzed people, condemned to the wheel-chairs or crutches.